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Water Softener

The water softener business is booming in Kansas City and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. There are a lot of different ways to go when one is trying to decide what to do about hard water. A person could get a water softener. While small time water filters can work with some drinking water, this doesn’t solve the problem of bathing in hard water.

Bottled Water

Culligan Bottled Water is a premium water delivery service. We cater to homes, business's and job sites. Culligan is the #1 rated water company with the best prices and best service. Call our office today to inquire about current specials. We have coolers to suit your needs and also check out our Bottle-less coolers. Have it your way with traditional bottled water or our new Bottle-less cooler water systems.

Drinking Water Systems

All of our drinking water systems feature Culligan’s exclusive, patented filtration technologies to provide the highest-level of water filtration available. Using state-of-the-art reverse osmosis and sophisticated interchangeable filters, your Culligan Service Technician can customize a solution for your specific water needs and provide you with better tasting, high-quality water that will make a refreshing difference in your home.

Salt-less Water Systems

We have all heard the salt-less water system commercials on TV, talk radio, and just about everywhere. Salt-less systems claim to solve all your hard water problems without using salt to soften the water, but what exactly does that mean? I challenge you to find anyone who has one of these electro-magnetic devices and perform a simple water hardness test for yourself.

Water Delivery

Many individuals throughout the world are aware of the benefits that are associated with acquiring their own water cooler and to have a water delivery service available. Whether you are looking for a water cooler for the office or if you are looking to find a water dispenser for your home, the options are relatively endless. With our selection of Culligan products, you will undoubtably be able to find the most beneficial water cooler for your needs.

Reverse Osmosis

The term reverse osmosis is also known as an RO system and is basically a scientific process by which water is made to move from one container to another due to the differences in potential. Osmosis is when water with a higher potential is made to move to levels of lower potential through a semi-permeable membrane.

UV Light Water Systems

Ultra violet light systems that are used to treat water primarily to disinfect. Culligan UV systems are a water purifier device that uses ultra violet light systems to disinfect the water and rid it of all the tiny bacteria and harmful germs that manage to thrive in water at natural temperature. Disinfection has a plethora of methods but all happen to employ various chemicals.

Portable Exchange Tanks

Culligan PE Tanks or portable exchange tanks are a convenient way to get Culligan soft water in your home but without any salt, equipment or electronics. The luxurious soft Culligan water will make your hair, skin and clothing just as soft regardless if the water comes from a Culligan portable exchange tank (PE Tank) or an automatic Culligan water softener.

Salt Delivery

Never lug another bag of salt! Culligan Water has a salt delivery service that meets everyone’s needs for salt. Never run out of salt using our convenient delivery schedules which fit your family’s needs. No one knows your Culligan unit like the Culligan Man. We will deliver and put the salt into your softener for one price. No more lugging heavy bags of salt.